The evidence for your investigation consists of three datasets that are available for statistical analysis using special Web-based software called Survey Documentation and Analysis SDA developed by the Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program at the University of California, Berkeley.

Understanding these datasets requires some background statistical knowledge about survey sampling and unit of analysis. In Appendix I of his book, pagePutnam writes. Read Appendix I, pagesfor some background about the advantages and limitations of using survey data as evidence. In other words, social capital, in part, is an attribute that an investigator observes at the individual level simply because it is individuals who have social networks.

However, it is also useful at times to combine individual attributes together into data at different levels such as cities, neighborhoods, states, and countries. The term "aggregate data" refers to individual-level data that is combined into data at any of these different levels. In Bowling AlonePutnam uses aggregate data, along with data about the number of nonprofits in each of the 50 states, in order to build a state-level social capital "index.

On pagesPutnam writes.


Please enable JavaScript in your browser. JavasScript is required to use the core functionality of this site including searching, downloading data, and depositing data. Datasets The evidence for your investigation consists of three datasets that are available for statistical analysis using special Web-based software called Survey Documentation and Analysis SDA developed by the Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program at the University of California, Berkeley.

For our purposes, the utility of the NES is limited, however, for it focuses on elections and gives little attention to everyday civic participation. The GSS covers a wider range of activities, although in the domains most central to our interests its continuous coverage is largely confined to formal group membership, church attendance, and social trust.

Google Cloud Public Datasets

Begun in and still continuing, these extraordinary surveys provide regular barometric readings on scores of social, economic, political, and personal themes, from international affairs and religious beliefs to financial worries and condom usage. With an annual sample of 3, this archive through contained more than 87, respondents over the last quarter of the twentieth century.

To the extent that it can be shown to be methodologically reliable, the DDB Needham Life Style archive constitutes one of the richest known sources of data on social change in America in the last quarter of the twentieth century.

On pagesPutnam writes, From a variety of sources, we have combined state-level measures of participation in a range of civic and political activities during the preceding year, including group membership, attendance at public meetings on town or school affairs, service as an officer or committee member for some local organization, attendance at club meetings, volunteer work and community projects, home entertaining and socializing with friends, social trust, electoral turnout, and the incidence of nonprofit organizations and associations.Using all those websites with free data sets on various topics has a number of advantages.

By dint of them, you can easily brush up your skills and develop your own style of working which is highly important today. So why then waiting any longer? Well, data. The foremost reason why I appreciate this place and would recommend using it to others is a broad variety of data sets from multiple sources and for all purposes finance, crime, economy, Twitter, NASA and more.

But it is not a single reason to recommend it, cause here you can also upload your data and collaborate with your colleagues or just other users and share valuable insights with each other. Plus, data. All you need to do is just to create an account, log in, and then search for the material you need. So, yes, actually this is a great place. But, if there is still a lot of interesting sites, why limit yourself only to one place?

Another great place to find free data sets. Through allowing users to share code with others, Kaggle offers learning best practices within the data space.

The search here is as simple. Just open the homepage and look for the search box at the top of the page. Another nuance you need to know is Kaggle also hosts competitions where you can win real money if you have a top ranking model. You can download data for either, but you have to sign up for Kaggle and accept the terms of service for the competition. FiveThirthyEight is one of the best places I would recommend.

Frankly speaking, you can simply stop reading my post now and use only this website. So, all-in-all, FiveThirthyEight is good for lots of interesting information for aspiring data scientists and materials to work with. They use hard data and statistical analysis to tell stories about politics, sports, societal matters and more. What you need to know about FiveThirthyEight is the fact this service makes the data sets used in its articles available online on Github and on its own data portal.

The data there ranges from information about which states have the worst drivers to the economic worth of different college majors. They make a lot of their data open to the public, meaning you can download and play with the source data yourself! You may be surprised why this site is here and for the first glance, it has no relation with data science. Well, yes, BuzzFeed is a cross-platform digital media company delivering news and entertainment content.


But, the truth is this is multifunctional service that keeps the whole spectrum of interesting and useful options, and as you may guess, free data sets is not an exception. Personally, for me, BuzzFeed is a great source to search for public datasets for Machine Learning and Data Science on different topics — from top fitness trends and beer recipes to pesticide poisoning rates — are available online.

All of this material you can find on Github. By the way, BuzzFeed also provides a great portion of other material for aspiring data scientists like analysis, libraries, tools, guides and more.

Datasets in Azure Data Factory

In other words, you can use it for almost every occasion. Another site that is fast and simple — Data. There are 14 different topics from agriculture, public safety, to local government so you have high chances to select data set that will be really interesting for you.

What is more, this is a great site for data-driven journalism and story-telling. The search here is simple, you can browse the data sets directly, without registering. You can apply extra filters like topic category, location, tags, file format, organizations and more and make your search more effective.

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Socrata OpenData is a portal that contains multiple data sets that can be explored in the browser or downloaded to visualize.The U. Energy Information Administration EIA has redesigned its International Energy Portal to streamline navigation, simplify data presentation, and implement responsive design use.

Shared & Certified datasets in Power BI

EIA based many of the redesigned aspects on customer feedback about the earlier beta release of the portal. Users can view and download datasets for consumption, production, trade, reserves, and carbon dioxide emissions for different fuels and energy sources.

Users can select and explore prepopulated, fuel-specific default tables that provide annual data on energy production, consumption, trade, and reserves. Data options allow users to change time frequency and energy units, add sources and activities, and select other countries for comparison.

Customizable data tables allow users to sort by energy source and activity or by country and region. Users can now see and select countries within continental regions, International Energy Agency regions, and economic groups.

Animated maps allow users to see how trends in energy production, consumption, reserves, imports, and exports have changed over time. Other visualization options include heat maps, bubble maps, and time series. This May marks the tenth anniversary of Data. Launched by the U.

Originally designed to improve maritime safety and security, these historical vessel position records have proven to be a valuable resource for a variety … Continued. In the last few days, you may have noticed a significant drop in the total number of datasets displayed on the Data. The decrease was not due to an actual reduction in the number of datasets, but the removal … Continued.

Browse Topics. Find data in fewer steps. Customize data tables. Tailor visualizations to user needs. Export data easily. More Highlights.By subscribing you accept KDnuggets Privacy Policy. Subscribe to KDnuggets News.

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Datasets for Data Mining and Data Science. Awesome Public Datasets on github, curated by caesar BigML big list of public data sources.

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Bioassay datadescribed in Virtual screening of bioassay databy Amanda Schierz, J. Bitly 1. Canada Open Datapilot project with many government and geospatial datasets. Causality Workbench data repository. CrowdFlower Data for Everyone library. DataMarketvisualize the world's economy, societies, nature, and industries, with million time series from UN, World Bank, Eurostat and other important data providers.

Datamobpublic data put to good use. Data PlanetThe largest repository of standardized and structured statistical data, with over 25 billion data points, 4.

Enron Email Datasetdata from about users, mostly senior management of Enron. Europeana Datacontains open metadata on 20 million texts, images, videos and sounds gathered by Europeana - the trusted and comprehensive resource for European cultural heritage content. GeoDa Centergeographical and spatial data. Google ngrams datasetstext from millions of books scanned by Google. Grain Market Researchfinancial data including stocks, futures, etc. Infochimpsan open catalog and marketplace for data.

You can share, sell, curate, and download data about anything and everything. KDD Cup centerwith all data, tasks, and results. Linking Open Data project, at making data freely available to everyone. LoveTheSales data request pagefree access to data for editors and academics to mine stats on the retail industry.

Lyst Fashion Data Trendstracking 10 million global fashon searches a month, easily and freely accessible to academics as a valuable resource. National Government Statistical Web Sitesdata, reports, statistical yearbooks, press releases, and more from about 70 web sites, including countries from Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. NetworkRepository: Interactive Data Repositoryhas many collections of graph and networks from social science, machine learning, scientific computing, and other areas.

Open Data Censusassesses the state of open data around the world. OpenData from Socrataaccess to over 10, datasets including business, education, government, and fun.

Peter Skomoroch dataset Bookmarks PubGene TM Gene Database and Toolsgenomic-related publications database Quandla collaboratively curated portal to millions of financial and economic time-series datasets. Robert Schiller data on housing, stock market, and more from his book Irrational Exuberance.

United States Census Bureau. Web Data Commonsstructured data from the Common Crawl, the largest public web corpus. Webhose free datasets Wikiposita virtual amalgamation of mostly financial data from many different sites, allowing users to merge data from different sources Wolfram Alpha disease and patient level data.

Yahoo Sandbox datasetsLanguage, Graph, Ratings, Advertising and Marketing, Competition Yelp Academic Datasetall the data and reviews of the closest businesses for 30 universities for students and academics to explore and research. Sign Up.The capital of the delhi is dominated by using forts, monuments, museums, temples, buying markets, food, and greater Performance analysis of a Stirling engine hybrid power system Depository of research data related to the article "Performance analysis of a Stirling engine hybrid power system", which presented to the Journal Energies.

Bubble cavitation in fluid filled fractures and bubble gas at the fracture tip open fractures with different fracture tips. Simulated production of single-phase fluid from fractured reservoir. Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office Altered Rotokawa Andesite Thermal Treatment Petrophysics Physical property data for transitory heating of altered Rotokawa andesite under saturated conditions at 20 MPa pressure.

Data Sets for Evaluation of Building Fault Detection and Diagnostics Algorithms This documentation can be used with a dataset coming soon to test the performance of automated fault detection and diagnostics algorithms for buildings.

The dataset was Department of Energy DOE research and development initiative tasked with improving wind plant OpenEI partners with a broad range of international organizations to grow its content, data and service offerings.The following example consists of several methods that, combined, create and fill a DataSet from the Northwind database.

The DataSetwhich is an in-memory cache of data retrieved from a data source, is a major component of the ADO. NET architecture. The DataSet consists of a collection of DataTable objects that you can relate to each other with DataRelation objects.

Whereas DataTable objects contain the data, the DataRelationCollection allows you to navigate though the table hierarchy. The tables are contained in a DataTableCollection accessed through the Tables property.

When accessing DataTable objects, note that they are conditionally case sensitive.

Top 10 Great Sites with Free Data Sets

For example, if one DataTable is named "mydatatable" and another is named "Mydatatable", a string used to search for one of the tables is regarded as case sensitive. However, if "mydatatable" exists and "Mydatatable" does not, the search string is regarded as case insensitive. In a typical multiple-tier implementation, the steps for creating and refreshing a DataSetand in turn, updating the original data are to:. Change the data in individual DataTable objects by adding, updating, or deleting DataRow objects.

Invoke the GetChanges method to create a second DataSet that features only the changes to the data. Invoke the Merge method to merge the changes from the second DataSet into the first. Invoke the AcceptChanges on the DataSet. Alternatively, invoke RejectChanges to cancel the changes. These are the only ADO. NET objects that can be remoted. Classes inherited from DataSet are not finalized by the garbage collector, because the finalizer has been suppressed in DataSet.

The derived class can call the ReRegisterForFinalize method in its constructor to allow the class to be finalized by the garbage collector.

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Initializes a new instance of the DataSet class. Initializes a new instance of a DataSet class that has the given serialization information and context. Initializes a new instance of a DataSet class with the given name. Gets or sets a value indicating whether string comparisons within DataTable objects are case-sensitive.

Gets or sets the name of the current DataSet. Gets a custom view of the data contained in the DataSet to allow filtering, searching, and navigating using a custom DataViewManager. Gets or sets a value indicating whether constraint rules are followed when attempting any update operation.

Gets the collection of customized user information associated with the DataSet. Gets a value indicating whether there are errors in any of the DataTable objects within this DataSet. Gets a value that indicates whether the DataSet is initialized. Gets or sets the namespace of the DataSet.Health Search all NYC. Menu Promoting and Protecting the City's Health. Interact and Visualize Datasets Publications.

In this section, you will find public use dataset files, map files and documentation. You can also access the Data Cataloga comprehensive listing of all publicly available Health Department data resources. You will also find data snapshots and links to information about the Health Department's research and surveillance initiatives.

You can find data reports and publications on the Publications Database search page. Data Catalog Data Catalog. Comprehensive listing of Health Department data resources available to the public, including metadata, links to publicly available data and contact information for access to restricted data.

Annual survey of adult New Yorkers to provide neighborhood, borough and citywide estimates on a range of chronic diseases and behavioral risk factors. Vital Statistics.

Records of all births and deaths in NYC summarized to provide information about the characteristics of births and causes of death. Child Health Data. Data on the health of children aged years old from three surveys conducted during Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

Biennial survey of public high school students about a variety of priority health risk behaviors. World Trade Center Health Registry.


Periodic surveys are conducted with enrollees in the largest registry in US history tracking the health effects of a disaster. Ongoing air pollution measurement at locations throughout the city. Physical Activity and Transit Survey. Survey of adults conducted in about physical activity, active transportation and health.

GIS Data Files. Shapefiles for the Community Health Survey and other initiatives. Census Data. To provide census researchers with easily accessible New York City denominator information, the Health Department provides downloadable tables of census data. Data Tables Child Lead Data. Annual reports and data on testing and rates of elevated blood lead levels for NYC children citywide and by neighborhood.

Tables and reports on leading causes of deaths, hospitalizations and emergency department visits due to injury, as well as other health impacts related to injury. Severe Maternal Morbidity Surveillance.

Surveillance data on cases of life-threatening complications during or after childbirth. Ongoing population-based survey of new mothers in NYC, including maternal experiences and behaviors before, during and after pregnancy. Reports from a series of short, quarterly polls of adults measuring a variety of topics and opinions about the Health Department and its programs.